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Trafford grand Prix Events - Rough guide

These races are held on Tuesday nights through the Summer months at Longford Park Stadium , Stretford.ryebank Road M21 9TA.
Its open to u17 and above but u15 runners can apply in advance to neilcanham@hotmail for a race at 6.15 which MUST be booked with Neil before the day.
The track is fast and appears to be a good place for middle distance athletes to get a PB.You pay at the door to get in to the track then there is registration for athletes in a room opposite the finish line.(Coaches show your license to get in free.)At registration you are asked to fill in a form to register which distance you want to run with your P.B. time on it.There are people who cheat on this and put a false P.B. hoping to get in a race where someone will drag them along.Some races are exclusive to BMC Members, who only gain membership upon reaching target times (see British Milers Club website.)The other races are termed open races.Elite runners such as Olympians like Mike Rimmer,Tom Lancashire,Andrew Steele,Lisa Dobrisky and many others , have all raced in this event.Races are mixed by gender and age , just based on ability to potentially achieve a time.It doesn't work well if you put a ridiculously ambitious time hoping that being in a good race will simply get you there.A good coach, such as level 3 and 4 coaches will be able to predict with some accuracy what you should be capable of based on your times for various training session.
There is fully automated timing and EDM for all races.Computerised results appear on power of ten and are displayed on the window of the registration room not too long after the race.
Its a really good set up but for the picky there are some things to pick fault with.Its not apparent how many people will turn up so anything after 8.00 will rarely go to time so imagine its like an NHS appointment.The 800m open events attract large numbers which take some time to get through.
Planning your warm up is problematical because you don't know what time your 1500m will start.
On busy nights parking is a problem so car share when you can.
Down the back straight there can be so many people doing strides to warm up that they occupy all but the inside two lanes and sometimes walk chatting without alot of consideration , although it must be said the majority of runners are aware and do keep well to the outside, as usual its only a few.
Overall its the best place to visit outside the biggest NATYAL AND OTHER National league events , for middle distance.

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