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Sorry this is awful

If you don't talk about anything else please talk about this.I'm sorry this is such a sad,negative post but it's important.If you are over 15 watch this.
Fifteen days ! Under the noses of parents;thats social networking at it's worst.My thoughts are that as parents we need to spend time with our children with phones OFF.They need love and attention and acceptance from us and especially in teenage years by their peers.
Sports clubs can be fantastic places to make real friends so its important to provide not just good physical training but a climate where they can socialse too.All of us should try to involve the shy, the loners as well as those bubbly attractive characters.Not everyone can win and winners cannot win all the time.This is our main weapon against those who seek to exploit the internet.We need to face up to topics such as this too although it can be sometimes awkward for some.
Here's why this has hit home to me .Where I work just before Christmas we had two incidents similar.By a fortunate 'accident' we managed to intercept information that a girl was to meet someone she had met online after school.It was stopped on the day.I will probably never know if the follow up revealed who it was or what happened because I don't need to know.I cannot discuss this with anyone else so I have to try and forget it.The second incident was two friends of a pupil approached staff and revealed to the Child protection officer that someone was putting them selves 'at risk' online.It wasn't the ones I'd expect to either.
This is real.It's happening now.Be aware.Help them to stay safe.
Teenagers - look after each other.…/nspcc-helpline/

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